Collecting for the Hurricane disaster

Following the disastrous Hurricanes in the Caribbean the two Bridport Rotary clubs organised a collection in the town

Three of the Rotary collectors in Bridport
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The generous people of Bridport have stepped up to the mark again and have enable another Shelter Box to be sent to the Caribbean to aid relief efforts following Hurricane Irma.

Members of the Rotary clubs of Brit Valley and Bridport were collecting in Bridport last week for the charity and £590 was collected in less than three hours.

This has also been matched by Bridport Rotary Club, with an additional donation of £590 from club funds.

The charity report that four Shelter Box response teams have been deployed to help families who have lost everything and 300 shelter kits are now in Antigua, with the remaining 200 en rout to St Kitts and Nevis, where a second team is distributing aid.

A third team is going to the Dominican Republic, where they are hoping to provide another 500 boxes and a fourth team is in the British Virgin Islands.

Phil Payne, president of Brit Valley Rotary Club, and Bernard Paull, president of Bridport Rotary Club, said: “The collection was a great joint effort for a very good cause.

“Because rotary members are volunteers, every penny goes to Shelter Box.

“On behalf of our two clubs, we would like to say a big thank you to the people of Bridport, and quite a few visitors, for their generosity.”


Picture caption

Brit valley rotary club-bridport rotary club-collection-hurricane Irma-shelter box: Members of the Rotary clubs of Brit Valley and Bridport came together to collect for Shelter Box following Hurricane Irma, managing to donate a total of £1,180. Pictured (left to right) Phil Payne, Bernard Paull and Mike Conway.

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