Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) a week long course to boost leadership skills, improve communication & build upon confidence.

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RYLA takes place at Brimpts Farm, Dartmoor in July. This six day course takes 18 - 28 year olds and works with them to ensure that they are the best leaders that they can be. 

The course consists of physical and mental challanges, tasks and multiple daily speakers from many backgrounds. Candidates learn how to communicate effetively on an individuals level and how to get the best from co-workers and team members. We use many techniques and taskes to set new 'behaviours' that ensure a confident and positive leader.

Many companies regulary send new candidates each year as the benefit to them and their teams in invaluable.

As cliche as it may sound most candidates say that this course is life changing, both personally and professionally.

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