History by design

Mon 20th November 2017 at 19.00 - 22.00

A talk by Chris Freeman. Report by Beverley Carter

Why things are like they are...

Rail tracks are 4ft 8.5” why??? Why are the roads as wide as they are??? Looking back at history shows why - tunnels were single track & chariots always had 2 horses pulling them in Roman times.

Why are the pyramids triangular?? In nature a volcano is also pyramid shape. When a volcano erupts the ash sticks on its way down from a narrow top so always keeps its triangular shape when falling as momentum takes it further down until it stops But who knows why???

He spoke about other examples including why aircraft wings are shaped like they are because birds in flight have the same shape.

Question other modes of transport to nature. Ships bow design is similar to a dolphin nose. Aerodynamics - gliding through the water.

Very interesting. So ask yourself why...

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