Playlist for Life

Playlist for Life is a charity supported by Rotary. It provides music players to people with dementia lauded with "playlists for life" - music collections aimed at reawakening memories. This can give recognised benefits to dementia sufferers.

Music Detectives

On Saturday 30th September 2017 the Rotary Club of Inverness Loch Ness sponsored an information seminar for representatives of care homes, NHS Highland, Highland High Life and various organisations about the use of music for dementia presented by the charity Playlist for Life.

The event was organised by past president Mike Halley who supported by Rotary Clubs during his year as District Governor in 2015-16 presented the charity with 135 ipods to further their work.  

Those attending were taken through the history of the Charity and how the process works by Andy Lowndes and Mary McDougal from Playlist for Life.

The charity was set up by Sally Magnusson after witnessing the effect of music on her mother’s dementia. Personally meaningful music offers a key to unlocking individuality and supporting family and wider social connections.

Using the Playlist for Life for individuals with dementia can :-

Improve their present mood

Improve their awareness

Improve their ability to understand and think

Help their sense of identity and independence.

Following the seminar The Rotary Club of Inverness Loch Ness will seek sources of funding to support the training required to use the programme and will also spread the word about the work of the charity.

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