Woodbank School Project

Sensory garden update

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Some time has passed now since the outset of this project and progress has been slow due to the liaising in part with the school and staff but now I believe we are on our way. Jo and myself have spent some considerable time in sourcing product and services for this project.  Initially, the artificial grass was presenting a problem costwise, as the school wished to have a high density grass which was expensive and costing almost £1400.00. This, of course, would have taken a great deal of the budget and so required some attention.  After a length of time, Jo has managed to source a company who will very generously supply a suitable product at a cost saving of almost £800.00.  The wooden surround and under material came into stock last week and Richard greenwood and myself collected this and it is now at the school ready to be placed. The wall on which the Mural is to be painted has now been rendered but has resulted in a setback of a drain being blocked.  This has very kindly been rectified now by Happy days Building services and so work can now proceed.  The paint for the Mural has been bought and the Head has yet to confirm his preferred choice of theme but when this is done, David, our Artist, will commence work.  (services free). Once the Mural and the grass are in place, we can introduce the seating which has been confirmed and is being built specially to size and specification. This is being done by “Men in Sheds” from Halifax whom I approached with a view to doing this work. This is a group of men who come together twice a week o potter, socialize and make things. They are based in the old ridings school and will undertake this for a donation. They will build and fit the seating and we will supply the materials.  One of their members will come and speak to the Club at a later date. Jo has sourced and got promises from several Garden Centres for pots, plants    and other sensory equipment will be selected by the school.  I am keeping a pictorial diary of events and should be pleased to keep you up to date with the construction of the Garden which should now be able to take shape.