Monthly club administration project meeting

Wed 15th November 2017 at 18.15 - 20.30

Sometimes called the Council meeting, this is when people discuss project status, decide on how money should be spent and generally discuss the health of the club

The main subjects to be discussed at this meeting are:

- Club constitution. The club constitution has not been revised for at least three years, probably longer. A draft constitution has been circulated to club members, using the District 1020 template, and needs to be approved.

- Club funds. The last car boot sale of the year in October raised a record amount - more than £700. The car boot sale income goes to charity - but which charity? That needs to be decided.

- Supporting local clubs. Does Portobello want to support projects being run by other clubs? And, if so, how much to go to each project?

- How can Portobello support the local community in the next six months?

- What fundraising is Portobello prepared to do in the next six months and for what?