A list of the Charities we have supported (2017-2018).

This page provides a list of the Charities we have supported. The donations are generated by the events we hold and by occassional public collections.

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These are the Charities we have supported financially so far during the current Rotary Year (2017-2018):

..£800 to Christian Aid Week - May 2017; collection coordinated the Club
..£300 to NSPCC - from our Charity account and R Lewellyn's honorarium
..£1000 to Water Aid
..£400 to SSAFA
..£300 to Festival Spirit
..£50 to Macmillan Nurses
..£400 to Riding for the Disabled (West Oxon)
..£500 to Maggie's Oxford
..£400 to SSAFA
..£590 to ShelterBox
..£50 to The Venture Force Foundation
..£500 to Roll Out The Barrel
..£50 to The Royal British Legion
..£50 to the Nepal Church Guest House
..£50 to Parkinson'sUK