The Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club has formed a RotaKids Group at Robert Miles School. Bingham - the first in our District

The beginnings of our first Rota Kids Club

We are delighted to be the first club in District 1220 to form a RotaKids. We have been working with Rob Gilbey Headteacher at Robert Miles Junior School who was keen to form a group, which is now established and the 13 members of the committee are now ready to begin planning their community work for the future.

Rob says that "The primary AIM of RotaKids is to provide young people aged 12 and under with the opportunities to participate enthusiastically in active citizenship to improve the quality of life for their school, local and global communities. We aim to meet the following targets:

  1. Develop long term citizenship and leadership skills through identifying and taking responsibilities for real life problems within their school, local and global communities. There are RotaKids groups all across the world!
  2. Learn the importance of respect, dignity and caring for all people by working together to build friendships/teams and learning about the significant impact of their projects.
  3. Recognise the high achievement and effect of completed projects that improve the quality of life for their school, local and global communities.

We feel that the aims of RotaKids supports our school ethos and values and we are very proud to have a group up and running at RMJS. The children have had several meetings already to get organised and begin to think about and plan ways to get involved or improve our local community. Children from across the school have been asked for ideas and the group’s first project is to organise a choir from school to sing in the community.

Our RotaKids group acts like a mini version of the main Rotary Groups – children have elected a President, A Secretary and Treasurer and they are learning really useful skills such as how to run meetings, take notes, organising finances and more. They are keen to listen to the ideas of all members of our school community and have set up suggestion boxes for the wonderful ideas children have.

We will bring more news as the group activities continue."

On Monday 2nd July the presentation of a Charter to the newly formed Rota Kids took place in the school assembly, less than a year away from our preliminary discussion with Rob Gilbey, the Head of Robert Miles School.  From that initial meeting the enthusiasm of Rob and Chris, the chairman of our Youth Services Committee moved the idea into a reality and a small group of pupils became founder members of the first RotaKids in District 1220.

In true club style the twelve new members held a secret ballot to determined who would be elected to serve as the club’s founder officers and it was very clear that all wanted to volunteer for the top jobs. The votes were cast and counted and Amelia was appointed as President with Niamh as Vice President, Lexie as Secretary and Ben & Callum as Joint Treasurers. A formidable team with great support from the rest of the club.

The school assembly opened to a rousing rendition of “ Go for the goal!”, most appropriate in the middle of the 2018 World Football Cup, and England preparing for their knockout match against Columbia, the following evening. Rob then spoke about The World’s population and the numbers who  lacked regular food;  had no access to running water;  lived in inadequate accommodation; could not read or write; received poor or no education;  had limited access to health care.  He said how lucky we are in this small island to have all we do.

Rob explained that Rotarians had time and determination to make a difference  and  that their very own Rota Kids team were all about giving their time to try and improve things for others, less fortunate.  To date the club, having asked for ideas from the school community decided to form a choir to sing to The Day Centre in Bingham. It was a great success and much appreciated by all the elderly people who attended.  Indeed weeks later they were still talking about their visit by the young choir!

Adrian Cresswell, President of the sponsoring Vale of Belvoir Club Said that Rotary is an International organisation with over 1.2 million members, 35 000 Clubs  World wide and of course the newest Club, joining the Rotary family, Robert Miles Rota Kids!

He congratulated the team on their enthusiasm, organisational skills and first project and presented Founder President Amelia with the official Charter certificate, which was applauded by the whole school assembly. Already there are children wanting to join this new club and the members of The Vale of Belvoir Rotary’s Youth Services Committee are determined to give all the support they can to ensure that the club goes from strength to strength.

On Monday 16th July representatives of our Youth Services Committee met with Rob Gilbey to begin discussion about RotaKids 2018 - 19.

Rota Kids – 17 July 2018

Meeting with Rob Gilbey to review progress / way forward.

Together with Mike Morris we met Rob to chat thro’ how we had done so far and what he wanted for the future. We were keen to link a Rotary project theme into a future project.

Rob is pleased with what has been achieved so far. His attraction to the principle of service in the community and giving time to those less fortunate rather than just fund raising is what persuaded him to supporting the launch of Rota kids at Robert Miles. His personal enthusiasm for the concept meant that he had to lead this project as well.

Rob has ensured that the Club members come from all years which enables good representation and succession for the key roles. e.g. Last year’s Senior VP will become President this coming 12 months.

As to ongoing projects he would welcome Rotary led suggestions. He is supportive of the Eradicate Polio Crocus day – 29th October--. If we cannot get the area opposite Aldi then the school grounds have plenty of space. Plus he will support a school choir singing at the Memory Café Xmas party.Rob was happy to talk about Rota Kids with his colleague Head teachers in the catchment of Toot hill. This with the aim of checking if any other schools had an interest.

We now look forward to our next meeting of the club in September / early October.

Chris Netherwood. 



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