Santa's tour of Suffolk 2017

He's here again! Santa will start all tours at 6pm, finishing about 8pm. Here are the details of the routes.

Eye - Monday 11th Lambseth Street, Victoria Hill, Bellands Way, Ash Drive, Oak Crescent, up Victoria Hill to new estate on right. Then back to Castleton way, Highfield, Haygate, Gaye Crescent new estate opposite the High School. Then back to Orchard Close travelling back up Lowgate Street, along Magdalen street.
Debenham - Tuesday 12th  Hitcham Road, Henniker Road right onto Gracechurch Street then left into Henry Street onto big estate and finish around the Cherry Tree. 
Debenham - Wed 13th The rest of Debenham - High Street, end of Gracechurch Street up to Henniker Road. The two back lanes/Chancery Street.Priory Lane. And what we have not finished near the Cherry Tree, if any left.  
Stradbroke - Mon 18th
Ash Plough, Queen Street, Westhall, Grove End, back to Queen Street, Church Street, Wilby Road then West end of New Street,, Woodfields, Bishops Way, rest of Church Street and estates off the Laxfield Road
Framlingham - Mon18th (
clever Santa!)  Double Street, Saxmundham Rd, The Mowbrays, and Fairfield Road. 
Framlingham - Tues 19th Market Hill, Bridge Street, Well Close Square, New Road & estates. Then up College Road, Pembroke Road to Saxtead Road, Kings Avenue to Dennington Road. Then top of Mount Pleasant and estates left and right hand side, Vyces Road, Berkeley Close to Andrew Burts Close.
Framlingham - Wed 20th Station Rd and Castle Brooks area