Fri 12th January 2018 at 13.00 - 14.00

Free concert from clarinettist Pete Furniss at the Reid Concert Hall.

Event Information


Pete Furniss free concert
clarinet / bass clarinet / live electronics

Over the past four years, clarinettist Pete Furniss has developed an electro-instrumental approach that investigates the roles of performer, composer and technology for the contemporry instrumentalist. In this short retrospective of recent work, lines are blurred between composition and improvisation, performer and composer, and between computer system and instrument.

Programme (50mins, no interval):

Richard Dudas Prelude no.2 for clarinet and computer 2006

Alex Harker Fluence for clarinet and Max/MSP 2010

Pete Furniss Fragmentations for bass clarinet and laptop 2015

Martin Parker/
Pete Furniss gruntCount for bass clarinet and laptop 2014

Pete Furniss An errant soothing for clarinet and laptop 2016