Lighthouse Walk Checking-in

Checking-in Information


The check-in is by the kiosk by St. Bedes School, Duke’s Drive, Eastbourne right at the foot of the Downs. If you are using a GPS for navigation, the nearest post code is BN20 7XL.

When you arrive, you will see banners signposting the event. There is a lane immediately to the left-hand side of the kiosk, and if you have already paid, proceed straight up the lane where you will find some registration tables just past the first bend. If you have not already paid, there will be a check-in point right by the kiosk.


Check-in is times are between 16:45 and 17:30, it does not matter exactly what time you check-in, as we would like to stagger the start so that we have a steady flow of people rather than having a few pinch points at Cow Gap and the Lighthouse itself. Please note that if you leave before the start time, you will probably have to wait at the lighthouse until the water is completely clear, and you can walk round it. Due to safety concerns, we cannot allow anyone to start after check-in closing time, as there will not be enough time to get to the lighthouse and return before the tide turns.

There will be four or more tables to handle the checking-in, and each table will be labelled with letters  indicating the surname of the entrants: A – F, G - L, M – R & S – Z.  Please go to the appropriate table, and note that the correct table will be the one with the surname used at the on-line registration. 

All participants will be given a wrist band with an allocated number - please ensure this is worn at all times.


When you finish the walk, please return to the kiosk area at the start where you will be given a certificate to show that you have completed the walk.


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