Club Bulletin For January 2018

Club Bulletin for January 2018

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                           THE ROTARY CLUB OF CHELTENHAM NORTH

                                           BULLETIN – JANUARY 2018


A very Happy New Year to all members of Cheltenham North Rotary Club and their families.


There is something magical about panelled rooms and ornate ceilings. Especially at this time of year, they propel us back to the legendary Christmases of Dickens and Victoria and even, perhaps, the snowbound Christmases of Disney. The Manor by the Lake provided just such a setting for our Christmas lunch, although, mercifully, it failed to include the snow blanket. It was just possible to imagine ourselves back with the Dowtys last century or even the original owners at a glittering gala in the mid-19th century. President Steve welcomed us and our guests with some characteristically droll but sincere remarks. We owe Rosanne our gratitude for organizing the event, which helps to launch the Christmas season for most of us. May it be joyous and peaceful.


The Princess Hall at Cheltenham Ladies College continued our seasonal theme of beautiful settings but, having been able to relax at our Christmas lunch, it was now time to roll up our collective sleeves and once more provide Cheltenham with a glorious celebration of Christmas. It is worth repeating that RCCN demonstrates all that is best in Rotary in its organisation of the Carol Concert: selfless devotion of time and effort to raising funds for the less fortunate whilst having a wonderful time in each other’s company. At no other event is the club so fully committed to the common good and, as a result, we derive huge satisfaction from the outcome. It is a little too early to provide a financial appraisal but based on an assessment of the attendance it is likely to have been an outstanding success. We can all derive personal satisfaction from our contributions but Geoff & Margaret Craven, for the organization of the musical programme, and Beth Phillip, for the overall event management, deserve individual recognition.

Update: Our treasurer, John Smith has confirmed that the Carol Concert will have made a profit of £5,000.00 once all the advertising and sponsorship money is in. Well done everyone.


The Community committee has been busy shopping lately to provide Christmas food hampers and presents for three young children and their families, all referred to the Communities Caring for People - CCP - through their social workers for the “Adopt a Family” for Christmas scheme.

We were allocated three little boys, Robby, aged 1, Noah aged 3 and Paul aged 7.

We were given a list of non-perishable food, except for Christmas cake, Stollen and mince pies, of about 50 items, per family.

Ann Carter, Anne Wilson and I went shopping at Lidl, and Shirley bought the toys and clothing.

These little boys will now have good toys and clothing to unwrap at Christmas and we hope the families will all have a happier time, thanks to our Rotary club.

We received two kind donations, unsolicited, of £40 and £20, and so the cost to our club is £174.

Gwynne Tucker Brown will be helping with the major Hamper Scamper effort soon, and she will use the second donation of £20 to help with this.

I would like to thank Ann Carter, Shirley Setchell, and Anne Wilson for their good-natured participation in this scheme, and Anne’s husband Peter Wilson who very kindly helped deliver our 12 bags of goods to the CCP offices. We had to spread the load between bags as they would have been too heavy to lift otherwise!

Now the CCP staff will put these items into the large cardboard Hampers for delivery to the 3 families on our behalf.


As Mike Bone and I have now been responsible as Webmasters for the Club Website for approximately six months we feel an update on our progress is appropriate.

The website is basically broken into two aspects the Public Home Page for all to view and the Members Only Pages where the access is limited to Members only. We have therefore arrived at a current structure that can be summarised as follows;

Home Page

This can be found by using Google for Cheltenham North Rotary Club. (A good idea is to include in your favourites list)

We have recently activated the menu tab at the top left of the home page that will make it easier for you to access the following pieces of information which can vary;

Featured Pages The three main events.

Photo Galleries The various pictures on the site.

What We Do See below for more details.

Meetings and Events Programme

About Us An overview of the Club.

Our Team Pictures of Club Officers etc.

Links and News Rotary and other Links.

Contact Us Contact Facility.

Members Login to Members only pages.

The “What We Do section contains the following subsections;

Beer/Cricket Fest, Cheltenham North News, Cheltenham Wine Festival, Carol Concert, Community and Youth Support, Charitable Donations, International Support, Social Events, Sports Activities, Vocational Visits.

The Cheltenham North News section is currently being worked on and will be available shortly.

Members Pages

After you have logged in you will be able to access, the e-mail facility to send messages and attachments to members and committees, Copies of the Club Bulletin, Meeting Notes and Council Minutes.

In addition you will able to view a range of member’s photos etc. at various functions. Also you have access to your own personal details within the website data base. Your current details have been updated in line with the recently published club card.


With great assistance from Michael Rouse we have been able to review and add to the photos on the website. There are approximately 270 photos (including member’s pictures) on show, obviously there are a number of duplicates and we are always looking for recent pictures and to cover additional aspects.

Going Forward

The number of page visits is now running at about three times up on the same period last year. The visits to the Home Page are now over 4000 per month so this is very encouraging.

Obviously the big challenge is to keep the site up to date and we do hope you will assist us with this with write-ups, information and pictures. If you have any suggestions and comments about the website we would be pleased to hear from you.


Nearly 60% of Club Members have a My Rotary Account to gain access to the Members area.

If you need assistance in any way such as with login please let Mike and I know and we shall try to help.


Please let me have anything you would like to go in the next bulletin by 31 January.

Thank you – Gill R

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