Planting Trees

The Rotary Club of Spennymoor is nothing if not ambitious. Our project this year 2018 is to save the planet.

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Climate change by planting Trees ?


The rotary Club of Spennymoor is nothing if not ambitious. Our project this year is to save the planet. Happily Rotary world wide, the Town Council and DCC have similar ambitions but we  do need to get you, the USA, China and India interested or at least out of denial..   


One of the disasters threatening Earth is increased temperatures due to the accumulation of green house gasses (mainly carbon dioxide) from burning oil, gas coal and wood. This causes air temperature to rise and the polar ice caps to melt, so raising sea levels. This is leaving a lot of costal areas, farm land and big cites unusable. It will be costly  to control and is already out of hand Our present way of living will not be affordable or sustainable. There will not be enough food or drinking water.  Mass migration to higher ground will cause conflict over resources as malnutrition starvation and disease increases.


Trees breathe the opposite way to us. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Trees take in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. If we burn a tree it does the opposite; it gives out carbon dioxide and uses oxygen. So long as the growing and burning are kept in balance all is well.  The trouble is for the last 200 years or so we have been burning coal, oil and gas ( fossil fuels) which all were once trees and we have put into the atmosphere in that  time the carbon dioxide that for millions and millions of years has been safely locked away.   


To make matters worse for us we have, world wide, been cutting down trees.  In our country the natural forests have long since gone to provide farm land, factories and houses. The same is now happening on a large scale in previously undeveloped countries. The one thing that can rescue us is being destroyed. We are burning our life boats to re-coin a phrase.


Rotary and Spennymoor Council will plant over 300 trees this year. It’s not enough it’s just a gesture we need everyone not just to plant trees, not just to stop cutting them down world wide, but to reduce their use of fossil fuels. This is where we can all play our part.  We know how:-

Don’t drive: walk or bike. Only buy a car that does 60 mpg. Drive slowly, think ahead to avoid braking. Have one car per household not two or more.    

Shop in local stores and buy local produce

Make sure your house has maximum insulation. Buy energy from renewable solar wind and nuclear power sources.


Local authorities can stop tarmacking vast areas, stop building on flood plains and start building flood defences .We all need to recognise there is no free market based solution. Rather this is basically the cause.  More state intervention in business is needed, less liberal individualism and higher corporate tax. Taxation policies need to change today to influence choices to avoid even higher costs tomorrow.  Defeating climate change adds up to regime change, philosophy change and lifestyle change. It’s a threat to vested interests which want us all to go into denial.

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