Dolphins Swimming Club

Sun 4th February 2018

What have Dolphins done with the money

Over the previous 3 years, the DDSC has used the Rotary ‘Santa’ money to pay for pool hire at the 50m outdoor Banbury Pool for our swimmers to experience what is known as long course training.

The Daventry pool is 25m in length and this is known as 'short course'. Major Championships are now swum Long course (with the exception of specific major short course Championships!) 

The Club do not charge the swimmers for their attendance as they realise that the parents have substantial travel costs to be able to participate. In 2017 the club provided 7 sessions, totalling an ADDITIONAL 12 hours of training.  5:30pm to 7pm on the 4 Wednesdays where we shared with Bicester Blue Fins and 8am to 10am on the 3 Sundays where we have sole use. 61 Dolphins took advantage of the additional sessions (The previous year it was an additional 14 hours)   

The coaching staff also donated their time to deliver these sessions (worth approximately £300) 

We are hoping to do much the same this year, subject to Banbury pool availability