Rotary Young Carers Respite Breaks 12th-16th Aug 2019

Since 2009 this Young Carers programme has provided over 400 Young Carers with a respite holiday sponsored by Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and other organisations

Welcome to the Rotary Young Carers programme run by John Hughes of the Rotary Club of Royal Leamington Spa and supported by the Rotary Clubs of North Worcestershire, Solihull St. Alphege and the Leamington 41 Club. Further clubs are welcome to support

2 trips are booked for the 2019 programme both in Brookes Village. 12th - 14th August for Young Carers from Solihull and on 14th - 16th August for young carers from Worcestershire, Coventry and Warwickshire

The 2018 programme was a huge success with 2 trips both in Brookes Village. 13th - 15th August and 15th - 17th August. These included 19 Young Carers aged 8 - 12 from Solihull Young Carers together with 4 Peer Mentors. The second included 9 young carers from Coventry and Warwickshire and 13 young carers from Worcestershire together with the Young Carers staff on both

This programme has proved extremely popular with Young Carers and Rotarians in the past, firstly on the Narrow Boat "Dream Catcher", then at Beaudesert Park and finaly settling for Blackwell Park near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Young Carers enjoying a respite at Blackwell Park thanks to the continued support of Rotarians and Clubs

Young Carers from Worcestershire, Coventry and Warwickshire toasting Marshmellows at Blackwell

Since 2009 this Young Carers programme has provided over 350 Young Carers with a respite holiday and will continue to provide holidays sponsored by Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and other organisations and we welcome other sponsors to come on board

Click HERE to visit the adventure park at Blackwell near Bromsgrove

The programme is self-catering in a tented village where staff and leaders from the Young Carers organisations take charge of the group. The sponsoring Rotary Clubs and Rotarians are very welcome to visit the park during the programme to meet the leaders and the young carers

If you are already supporting any young carers organisations with funding, please consider channelling some of your donations through this programme to support the District 1060 Young Carer's project. The funds of course eventually end up in the same place at whichever Young Carers HQ. It just goes in a round-about way but you have the satisfaction of knowing your sponsorship actually goes direct to supporting the kids and not swallowed up in administration

At present many Young Carers organisations use Blackwell to take groups and this initiative will help them to maintain their present programmes to ensure the Young Carers don't suffer through lack of funding

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