Interviews and Apprenticeships

Helping youngsters to get into the workplace

Whether your future is in Construction, Engineering, Public Services, the Forces, Professions or the ArtsStep one is to decided where your future lies. There is a course out there for everyone

Below you will find 2 e-books for use by Rotary Clubs, Rotarians and students alikeThe first will help you improve your interview skills and about this programme

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The second brochure will guide you through the process of finding a college and an introduction to the Baccalaureate education system which is increasingly being offered by International colleges

This programme is looking for Rotary Clubs who have a particular interest in helping youngsters further their education taking part in 1-2-1 Interviews with pupils in schools to give them the experience of an interview process with business and professionals from the Rotary Club who can impart their knowledge to youngsters

Perhaps you would consider talking to schools and colleges in your area to see if they have students who would be interested in taking part in this process and maybe conduct a seminar on a particular day in the school

With education funding for Careers Officers in schools being cut, this is the ideal opportunity for Rotary Clubs to fill the void between student advice, schools and colleges.

Most colleges provide open days and seminars; all we need to do is point youngsters in the right direction

If you are a governor of a School or have children or grandchildren of school age then perhaps talk to the teachers in their school to get them on board with this new programme

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