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Art Experience for young people

International Camps and Tours (Art and Culture)

A District 1060 "Camps and Tours" programme in assocition with the Rotary Club of Royal Leamington Spa 

"Arts and Culture" is the title of this programme and will be organised by a Rotarian who has been dealing in fine art for over 40 years. The official Archivist and Historian to the Fine Art Trade Guild and the Print Sellers Association in London and also works with various National Galleries supplying information across the world

Four undergraduates (all female) from different EEMA countries aged 19-23 will be invited to take part with the total stay in the UK of 12 days. The criteria for applicants will be very strictly adhered to as they must be artists who are studying art at college or University. There will be no exceptions.

The dates of the programme for 2018 wil be posted on the website in due course

The incoming students will pay a registration fee of €150

The programme will be self-catering with visits to London, Birmingham, Coventry, Stratford-upon-Avon. The students will be based in student accomodation at the Warwickshire College in Royal Leamington Spa. The programme will include sightseeing, visiting public galleries and drawing in the English countryside

On various evenings the Students will be invited to join a Rotary family for an evening meal where they will be able to experience English hospitality. Each evening will be spent with a different family thereby gaining different opinions of the way of life in the UK

The proposed itinerary for the programme is below but may be subject to changes

Arts and Culture

Itinerary:         Subject to changes

Day 1:       Arrival and Acclimatisation

Day 2:       Visit to Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon

Day 3:       Visit National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery in London plus Sightseeing

Day 4:       Drawing in the Cotswolds a.m. Sightseeing p.m.

Day 5:       A Rotary Club meeting and tour Leamington Museum and Art Gallery

Day 6:       Free day and shopping in Birmingham

Day 7:       Conducted tour of Birmingham Art Gallery and conservation rooms a.m. Sightseeing p.m.

Day 8:       Visit to a National Trust property a.m. Sightseeing p.m.

Day 9:       Work experience in an Auction House

Day 10:     Visit to Tate Modern and Tate Britain, London

Day 11:     Workshop tuition in how to mount their drawings to the best advantage

Day 12:     Home

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