Stroke Awareness Day 2018

Sun 8th April 2018 at 13.16 - 13.17

Fleet Rotary held its annual Stroke Awareness Day event at Hart Shopping Centre, on 7th April 2018

Stroke Awareness Day: Saturday 7th April 2018 at Hart Shopping Centre

Fleet Rotary held its annual Stroke Awareness Day event on 7th April 2018.

Passing members of the public were invited to have an immediate blood pressure check, the aim being to advise those who have high readings that they are at risk of a stroke, and that they should see their doctor soon!

Six medically qualified local volunteers conducted the tests. Our thanks to the one doctor, one pharmacist and four nurses who provided their expertise to perform these tests and give advice.

86 members of the public were tested, one was advised to see their doctor within 7 days, and seven within 28 days.

This indicates that the people of Fleet are learning the importance of controlling their blood pressure, since in past years about 30% have been given advisories.

Our thanks once again to Hart Shopping for allowing use of their premises for this event, as they have done many times previously.

An excellent example of SERVICE IN THE COMMUNITY by all involved

This event linked brilliantly with the FLEET FUN WALK ON 28TH APRIL being organised by Fleet Rotary, an 8 mile walk on flat paths around natures areas of Fleet. Many of those who had their blood pressure tested recognised the value of walking exercise and took note of the walk, as did many members of the passing public who did not have their blood pressure tested.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Fleet Fun Walk. Registration can be made through the Fleet Fun Walk section on

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