Joint Christmas Lunch for Lunch & Satellite Groups

Sun 16th December 2018 at 13.00 - 15.30

at the Marriott Hotel

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Our Club Christmas Lunch was held at the Marriott Hotel Eagle Drive this year, where we were joined by partners and guests including widows of former members.

We were very pleased to welcome DG Tim Tucker to our festive celebrations and he made a point of speaking to everyone, and enjoyed the magic, music and carol singing.  Seen here (right) talking to Baroness Jill Knight of Collingtree on the top table with our President Richard McNulty and Barbara Brogden, who entertained us with music and the after lunch carols.  These included a hilarious “12 days of Christmas”, with Donald Loe’s table the strongest singers with a tremendous “5 gold rings”.

Ties were discussed by Tim and Brian & Elsbeth, as Tim was wearing one of this year’s blue aquatic versions, as our RI President is from the Bahamas and waves feature on this year's Presidential logo.  In fact Christmas ties were the order of the day - very festive and colourful, as worn by our President Richard and many members. 

Christmas magic was also in the air, as ‘Revilo’ entertained our members and guests with table magic tricks. He magically made my 46-year old wedding ring disappear, but it soon returned, safely tucked away inside 3 pouches. Here is the vanishing ring trick (right) and many more views of our festive lunch yesterday can be viewed in the "carousel" above.  And here he is bamboozling Gary  Shaeffer with a card trick (left).  The young magician, Oliver (his real name) is only 17, but very confidently managed magic tricks throughout the whole room and is assured of a great future.

Many thanks to Rotarian Cilandell Cindy Glen for the great photography, and on the same subject many thanks to David George for organising the amazing magician and accomplished pianist.

Margaret Jones gave the vote of thanks, on behalf of the guests, and President Richard replied, closing with the Rotary Toast. 

I think we can say that the lunch went exceptionally well and there was a happy buzz of friendship and fellowship amongst all attending. The food was good, apart from a few words about the sprouts (but isn’t there always, at Christmas!), and the Marriott is to be congratulated on it’s excellent service and great facilities. 

Jackie Brame