Dylan's Reptile Time

Presentation of Reptiles by Dylan from Haydock

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Dylan's Reptile Time from Haydock has been involved with exotic reptiles for 4 years and has been interested for over 30 years... He also delivers talks to students in schools and colleges.

Dylan presented 8 of his "guests" to members.

1. Lizard bearded dragon from Australia covered in scales to protect the reptile about 7years old

2. Colin the snake... Corn snake from America floridas east coast.. Can grow up to 6feet..5years old but can live up to 25 years.. Favorite food mice voles etc...

3. Hard shell Tortoise about 13 years old, from southern Greece.. Can live to 130 years

4. Rosie, the Chilean Rose tarantula.. The tarantula is covered in hairs which it uses as a defence mechanism... it has 8 legs and 6/8 eyes and is about 4 years old but can live to 30 years.

5. Brian the blue toned Skink Lizard from Australia... Favorite food is snails insects fruit vegetable.. They are commonly called blue-tongued lizards or simply blue-tongues or blueys in Australia.

6. Jabber the African bull frog is second biggest in world and is about 4 years old. It will eat mice frogs when bigger... It was bought for £50

7. Stretch, the Boa Constrictor.. from the jungles of the South American rain forest , he weighs about 401bs...and about 7 years old...He eats 2 rats every week and can grow to about 12ft..

Dylans other reptiles include scorpions cock roaches.. About 50 different species... He obtains food from pet shop some frozen.. Dylan doesn't keep venomous reptiles.

Very interesting presentation which saw members handling the reptiles.

Many thanks to Dylan and his reptilean support team....

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