Thu 21st June 2018 at 19.00 - 21.30

Caroline Tosh is a locally-based osteopath, and she will share with us how this form of treatment can benefit a wide range of people.

Caroline Tosh has over 35 years experience of practicing osteopathy, and her practice, Severnside Osteopathic Practice, is at Frampton on Severn.

Osteopathy is well known for the treatment of back pain, but osteopaths treat people rather than conditions, and take into consideration all aspects of health in each individual. Caroline has a special interest in women's health.

The aim of treatment is to remove strains and stresses from the body's framework, using hands-on techniques. The choice of approach depends on the nature of the problem and what is most suitable for an individual patient.

This will be the last meeting presided over by our current Club President, Eve Blundell.

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