Tarporley Village Spring Clean!

The Rotary Club of Tarporley were seen giving our Village High Street a "spring clean" on Saturday 24th March. This was the second Tarporley High Street Clean that Rotary had done. The first being in Autumn 2017.

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On the 24th March, if you were in Tarporley, you would have seen a Team from The Rotary Club of Tarporley giving our High Street a "Spring Clean".

Various teams of volunteers started at different sections of the High Street picking up litter and sweeping away leaves and debris left over from the winter.

By the end of the day over 20 bags of diirt and rubish had been collected.

We filled one bag just from litter that had been left on the Tarporley Community Centre Playing Fields.

This is the second Village Clean that Rotary have been involved in. An earlier clean took place in Autumn 2017.

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