Wensleydale Wander 2018 Report

There was a record entry of 471 walkers and runners, with 403 actually taking part on the day

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Although the Wander was, and is, designed as a walk, hence the name, an increasing number of entrants choose to run it each year. Inevitably, the fastest treat it as a race so, for those wishing to know how they fared, click on Results for placings and times. Please note that many participants changed from long to short or short to long on the day, so this is not accurately reflected on the results page.

After a week of persistent rain, we were fortunate to have a dry day with a temperature of around10-14C, so near ideal for running, but the ground was extremely wet and muddy, making the going hard work in places. This caused most people to take lomger than they had if they had done the Wander in previous years. However, it did not seem to deter Derek Parrington of Halifax, who reached the checkpoints at Rubbing Houses and Middleham Moor at least 10 minutes faster than most  have previously. He completed the 23.2mile long route in 3hrs 9 minutes, only 10 minutes longer than the fastet last year when ground conditions were excellent! Second home on the long route was Paul Ellis of Leeming in 3hrs 16min. Melissa McGuire of Morecambe  was first Lady home on the long run in 3hr 33min, followed by Nicola Simpson, of Leyburn.

First home on the short run were Mark Forest and Lee Athersmith in 95min. Lee was first home on the long run last year.

Most walkers enjoyed a relaxing and sociable walk though they got rather muddy, especially those who fell over in the mud! Unfortunately, one lady slipped and fell on the sloping field after the Shawl and broke her ankle. A paramedic had to walk from the Preston checkpoint to attend to her, then realised she would need ambulance transport to hospital. The field was too steep for the air ambulance to attend, and the road ambulance became stuck in the mud en route! Fortunately, Swaledale Mountain Rescue have a 4x4 ambulance and this was able to rescue both the patient and the NHS ambulance! This was the first serious injury we have had in the 15+ years that Rotary have been organising the Wander.

We would like to thank the RAYNET volunteer radio operators, our wives/husbands who have helped, and of course all walkers and runners for supporting the event. We will have raised in excess of £4,000 for charity,and beneficiaries will include the Liver Transplant Unit at the Freeman Hospital and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

We encourage walkers/runners to seek sponsorship for either the nominated charity or one of their own choice, and this year a group of walkers raised £2241 for breast cancer!

There are over 200 photos on the slideshow at the top of this page. You may find you prefer to click on the Thumbnail option and be selective. Thanks to Rtn Chris Wheatley for most photos, with contributions from Doug Binks, Rtn Michael Hepper, and Malcolm Hewitson of Quakers running club.