Club Bulletin for May 2018

The Club Bulletin for May 2018

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                         THE ROTARY CLUB OF CHELTENHAM NORTH

                                                         BULLETIN MAY 2018

April Ramblings – President Steve Wood

Our principal event since the last Bulletin has been the Wine Festival. This again proved a very successful day with approximately 440 paying customers enjoying the taste of their choice from over 300 wines supplied by 30 exhibitors. We have had several complimentary remarks from both “tasters” and exhibitors and many of the exhibitors have already indicated that they intend to be back for next year’s Festival. Most importantly, Treasurer John has notified us that this year’s event made a profit of £12,000. We will therefore be presenting a cheque for £6,000 to the Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice on Tuesday 8th May. This is an outstanding result and our thanks are due to all those that helped with the event and, most particularly, to John Parr who came up with the idea of the Wine Festival and who did so much to establish it and who continues to work to ensure its continuing success.

Our next events are the “Elvis” tribute concert on Saturday 19th May, for which we still need to sell a lot more tickets - do encourage all your family, friends and casual acquaintances to come along. A great evening is guaranteed. Then on 23rd and 24th June we will be holding the Rotary Beer and Cider Festival at Hatherley and Reddings Cricket Club. Committee chairman, John Phillip, has promised sunshine for the whole of that weekend and we are looking to make this the most successful festival to date with the Ukeholics being an especial attraction on the Saturday evening.

The Club again participated in Stroke Awareness day this year and our thanks are due to Geoff Fox, Michael Rouse and Bernie Campbell for taking the blood pressure readings and to the club members who accosted the innocent members of he public in the Regent Arcade and invited them to have their blood pressure checked. Every year several cases are discovered that need onward referral a G.P. and this year was no exception.

Club visits to look forward to are those to the Jet Age Museum on Thursday 10th May and to the Willow Trust on Saturday 9th June. We are fortunate to have members willing to arrange interesting and enjoyable excursions for the benefit of all.

Since the last bulletin it has been announced that SVP Beth has done an outstanding job in finding not only a SVP for the 2018/2019 Rotary year but a JVP as well. I think this will be the first time since I have been a member that we will enter the new year with both of those positions filled. Congratulations to Michael Rouse and Richard Purdon on their appointments.

Our meeting on 17th May will include the club’s AGM but not, as previously advertised, the Club Assembly, which will now take place on 19th July to enable a representative from District to attend. Instead of the Assembly, the 17th May meeting

will include a “career talk” from David Setchell. Thanks to David for stepping in at relatively short notice.

Our Partners and Guests event on 31st May will be a lunch at the Pudding Club, located at the Three Ways House Hotel in Mickleton. Speaking personally, it is some years since I have been to the Pudding Club. I am hoping that the puddings are still as wickedly substantial as ever.

Wine Festival – John Smith

As the early morning sun shone through the windows of The Pittville Pump Rooms the first contingent of intrepid Rotarians were busy preparing the main hall to welcome the 35 exhibitors and 450 wine lovers expected throughout the day.

By midday the queue accumulating outside had been iPhone accredited, the exhibitors were in place, President Steve had been interviewed on BBC Radio Gloucestershire and the Lady Mayor was on her way.

For three hours the first wave of 200 plus wine lovers tasted, swallowed or spat out the samples of over 320 wines on offer from all around the world. Learning from past experience the Rotarians in the hall worked tirelessly to keep supplies of ice and drinking water constantly available on every stall.

At 3.00pm it was time to empty the hall of people and for us to empty the spittoons of variously coloured liquid. The exhibitors had an hour to restock and take a break. Then at 4.00pm the whole process was repeated with a new cohort of wine lovers and a fresh shift of Rotarians.

The event concluded at 7.00pm and by 7.45 we had everything emptied and packed up ready for use again next year. Before leaving, many exhibitors made a point of thanking us for the service we had provided throughout the day and the paying customers appeared very "happy" with their experience as they left.

No glasses were broken but we lost 47 to wine lovers who, if I'm being charitable, thought they were complimentary. This cost us £141 which is a shame but as the equipment had been purchased previously and the marketing costs are now minimal it looks as if this event will be contributing over £12,000 to our Charity Trust Fund this year and for many years to come.

Cheque presentation to Sue Ryder – 8 May

President Steve Wood and our treasurer , John Smith, presented a cheque for £6,000 to Sue Ryder as proceeds from the Wine Festival.

New member – Robin Andrews

Welcome to our new member Robin Andrews who joined our club on 5 April 2018 pictured here with proposer David Rust and President Steve Wood.

Future Meetings and Events

12th May – District Assembley at the Gables Hotel, Falfield GL12 8DL 0930 – 12.30

Wed 16th – Thurs 17th – Gloucester Business Show at the Centaur

Rotary will be manning a promotional stall - if you are able to help please contact Steve Wood.

Thursday 17 May – The Club AGM and speaker David Setchell on ‘My Career’

Host – Steve Wood.

Please note the Club Assembly will now be on 19 July 2018.

Saturday 19th May – Elvis Concert at the Parabola Arts Centre at 7.30pm Tickets £12 from Steve Wood. We need your support for this – please come and b ring your friends.

Thursday 31 May – partners meeting – Lunch at the Pudding Club, Mickleton.

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