A Tree For Every Rotarian

As part of the International Initiative by Rotary, to enhance the environment, The Rotary Clubs of Oadby and Oadby Launde worked together to plant 60 trees; one tree per Member of the two clubs.

The planting was organised in consultation with Oadby and Wigston Borough Council and the Pride of the Borough Group.  The site chosen was the large grass area at Hamble Green in Oadby and the whip trees were arranged in two groups of 30.  The trees were supplied by the Woodland Trust and are an even mix of Rowan, Silver Birch and Wild Cherry.

t will be some time before the trees mature and the Council will manage the thinning out as they develop.  Care has been taken to avoid any buildings being affected in the future when the trees mature by carefully positioning the individual plants.  The Rotary Clubs are now organising some protective fencing to help protect the young trees while they establish.

Pictured are members of the Rotary clubs completing the planting. 

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