Visit to the Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility

Wed 30th January 2019 at 10.00 - 14.15

Speaker Finder Keith Brown has organised a visit to the Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility, Visitors Host, Grace and Banners M. Atif, Cash Desk Alan Morrell

We will visit this facility at 10:00am in the morning and will follow it up by lunch at The Bradford Club at 1:00pm.

The facility is based at Newmarket Approach, Leeds LS9 0RJ

Their web site (  describes the facility as: -

The Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility is designed to remove recyclable waste from black bins and recover energy from what is left over. It will significantly reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

The key features of the facility  include:

  • A main building that is approximately 42m high (for comparison the Leeds Civic Hall is 52m) with a slimline 75m chimney;
  • A facility which creates a positive landmark for the Aire Valley region of Leeds and the Cross Green Industrial Estate;
  • An innovative building based upon the use of glass and timber framing;
  • A green ‘living’ wall to the southern fa├žade to enhance the visual impact and provide biodiversity,  the green wall is one of the largest of its kind in Europe;
  • A visitor centre that offers people the opportunity to learn more about the facility and educate people on waste and recycling in Leeds.

The internationally renowned architect, Jean-Robert Mazaud of S’pace Architects has designed this facility. He has been instrumental in the development of many iconic UK recycling and waste management buildings.
The principles adopted in developing the design were:

  • Creating a functional and efficient building which is unique, iconic and has a positive identity
  • Involvement of the City Council in delivering a high quality design
  • Integration of sustainability elements throughout the design and materials used, including rainwater harvesting and drainage techniques, and the use of timber, together with an extensive living wall and landscaping strategy with habitat creation to enhance biodiversity
  • Integration of security and safety into the design of the facility
They have implemented the National Building Specification for both materials and workmanship, which is a recognised industry standard, for the architectural, civil and building works design for the Facility.

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