Harpenden Village Rotary Club

Harpenden Village Rotary Club was chartered in 1988. The 50 members, men and women, meet on Wednesday evenings most weeks, discussing our plans, listening to interesting speakers or getting out on a visit. You’ll find below our programme for the next few weeks.

But it is in the involvement with the community through the charity, Rotary in Harpenden, that we make the most of the diverse skills and experience of our members. Several of our events and activities aim to help youngsters make the most of their potential – mock interviews, public speaking and a technology tournament. Another - Young Citizens Awards - recognizes teenagers’ concern for others.

Then there are the diverse ways we have for raising funds or gifts for charity – Rotary shoe boxes, Schools’ Christmas Carol Concert, Santa’s Float and the big one, the Harpenden Quiz of Quizzes.

Our flagship event, however, is Classics on The Common, the UK’s biggest mid-week classic car show, held on Harpenden Common each July. This major community event attracts 10,000 residents and visitors, brings business to the town and raises substantial funds for local, children’s, national and international charities.

You can read more about each or all of these events or activities by clicking here

A quarter of the funds raised for charity goes to support our giving. When disasters like earthquakes or floods occur across the world we are able to respond quickly with survival kits like ShelterBoxes. As these items are handled by local Rotarians we can be confident that they are reaching the people who desperately need them.

Our own share of funds raised also supports End Polio Now, a Rotary International campaign that since 1979 has been working with the World Health Organisation and national agencies (and more recently with the Bill Gates Foundation) to eradicate the killer disease from the world. Only in two countries is polio still endemic. The campaign has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize as one of the world’s finest humanitarian projects.