The Trick Factory, a BYPAT Project

Fundraising to create a new indoor BMX, Skate board & scooter building for abled and disabled youth in Bridport is kickstarted with a £500 donation from Rotary and its Business Partners

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Closed,due to local property development,after 17 years of voluntary service to young people.

A Steering Group of parents, grandparents, young people and others are working towards achieving the resurrection of this amazing and popular facility and making it inclusive for both the able bodied and those with a disability. A new building is required where all activities will be indoors and supervised at all times providing a safe place for children to meet, including a cafe.

The Campaign has the active support of Bridport Rotary Club, Bridport Town Council, Sir Oliver Letwin, the Sir John Colfox Academy and the BYPAT (Bridport Young Persons’ Action Trust) Charity,Trick Factory parents & children supporters group and Dorset Police. 

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