Speaker Gordon Murphy

Fri 8th February 2019 at 12.55 - 14.00

Topic:- Time to retire!

Rotary club of Stirling meeting of 8th February 2019.

President Sandy Farquharson welcomed members to our Friday meeting. Crawford Gordon reported on last week's games night, a most enjoyable evening. There was a limited amount of skill exhibited, but this only contributed to the fun. Alan Bradshaw has fixed a date for a wine tasting, 17th May at the Smith. The Wilkedin golf event is on the first of May at Gleneagles.

Our speaker was Gordon Murphy, soon to retire after 47 years as a solicitor. Gordon is a Glasgow graduate, and it was in Glasgow that he started his career, moving to Hill and Robb in 1976. Until 2016 when he amalgamated with Bell and Craig, Gordon spent most of his time working in his own practice. Approaching retirement has caused him to look back on his working life and forward to whatever the future may bring. Of the many changes he has seen during his career he mentioned two, the increasing number of women in legal practice, and the advent of the Scottish parliament in 1999. He felt that the long and irregular hours must make it hard for women with families. The new parliament has produced huge amounts of new legislation, not all of which has been particularly useful or well thought out. On the plus side he senses that the sheriffs treat him more kindly as he has got older, but is not sure whether this is because they respect his experience or just that they don't want to be difficult to an older chap.  He will miss working with his staff and fellow lawyers, and with some of his regular clients. It was clear that Gordon enjoyed working as a solicitor and will miss the interest it brings to his life. One concern now is what he should wear.
Suit and tie have been his uniform, but of course fewer people dress formally now. He wants to avoid the "retired man's look" but has not decided the balance between too casual and too smart. Gordon's talk was leavened with amusing anecdotes arising from his career and was much enjoyed by all the members.

Next week's Speaker's host David Paterson, Visitor's host Peter Mehta

Ian Richardson