Vom Dam Project Nigeria

International Project - Nigeria

Vom is a 'small' town in Plateau State Nigeria which has only one stream providing the 70,000 inhabitants.

I have already arranged for a preliminary survey to see whether a dam can be created in a valley just outside the village. District agreed to fund this and it has been found that, should a dam be formed, it would hold some 6,300,00 litres of water able to be pumped to specific parts of Vom. The Rotary club of Jos, a city 10k away, will manage this on our behalf.

The next phase is a full PESTEL (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technologcal, Environmental, Legal) survey required by the government before full costings can be made prior to an application for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant. this next phase costs n the order of £2,000. Are there any clubs in 1190 who would be willing to partner our club in this International venture?

Maurice Dowsing PP Fleetwood

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