Sep 2018 Naalarami School - recent progress Phase 2

Thu 20th September 2018 at 09.00 - Sun 30th September 2018 - 23.55

we have supported this international project since 2012. Liaison Mike Smith.

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These recent photos from Tanzania show clearly the most recent building happening on site this year.

now Phase 2 includes 

  • Composting toilets that will improve sanitation and provide fertilizer for the new gardens.
  • Improvements to the Teachers accomodation.
  • New all weather walkways around the classrooms.

Phase 1 succeeded to put in place

  • Teachers accomodation
  • new classrooms with pitched roofs and guttering
  • large water tanks to store the valuable rain
  • a new kitchen building with large metal catering stoves and cauldrons
  • a permanent head teacher to co-ordinate the much needed developments
  • school books and equipment for the 450+ children.
  • sports equipment including footballs and goal nets.

The school was set up to support the Maasai Tribes in rural Tanzania in a small village called Naalarami. It is very isolated and over a muddy, dusty 2 hour journey across the bush from Arusha (in the foothills of Kilimanjaro).  The nomadic tribes are settling down with their herds but have no culture of farming.  They are very keen to educate their youngsters about the wider world and hope it will help keep them together and help them prosper.  The long term drought has put a serious strain on their lives as water sources are harder and more distant to find.  It was vital to this project to ensure a plentiful water supply if at all possible and to teach arable farming methods.  This is a long term project but it has had significant and pleasing progress so far.

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