Club Bulletin for November 2018

The Club Bulletin for November 2018

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                              THE ROTARY CLUB OF CHELTENHAM NORTH

                                               BULLETIN NOVEMBER 2018

Report on the D1100 Council Meeting held on 16 October 2018

PDGs Rod Hill and Richard Purdon with Secretary Andrew Worthington attended the first of DG Joan’s District Council meetings held at the Gables at Falfield.

From the last meeting in May, we learned that £13,000 had been” ring fenced” from District reserves, to promote membership development and retention. Funds for aiding recruitment of new members can be applied for by clubs. We also saw the result of a grant given from Funds to have an iron lung moved from Cumbria for use in the District as part of our End Polio Now campaign. This imaginative and colourful unit comes in a trailer to show in car parks, schools etc. The unit can be hired from the RC of Thornbury and will be in the District for 3 years.

Later we heard that the number of incidents of the outbreak of Polio had increased by 8 for the calendar year to date. Although this is still a very small number 19 compared to 11 , it is a chilling reminder there is still a lot of work to do to honour the pledge given in 1985.

The presentations on the evening were: -

* The details of hiring the Iron Lung, which individuals can experience.

* The programme for the 6 Youth Competitions in 1918/19.We host the final of the Regional Young Musician this year.

* The confirmation that RYLA will run again in June/July19.

* An update on the Rotary Shoebox appeal. A sample was brought back to show our International committee.

* An overview on the Council on Resolutions and Enactments from 2017 and 2018.

* A paper/presentation on the Public Image and Media Strategy

The key elections for the team of 19/20 were resolved – all places only had 1 candidate!!

But, the exciting news was that our own AG –Graham Ogden – was appointed DG for 21/22. He will therefore be a guest of honour at our 50th Charter. Graham will continue to run our Area in 19/20 but will be looking for someone to take over after this. There is also a vacancy for the International Chair.

DG Joan encouraged Clubs to celebrate World Polio Day on October 24th, and asked for attendance at her Conference in Torquay in March 19.

Richard Purdon – JVP 18/19

Visit to Westons Cider Mill 10th October 2018

Members, partners and friends totalling 22 drove through the lovely autumn countryside to Much Marcle, home of Westons Cider. With the sun beating down many of the group had coffee and a chat outside the old buildings before Tom, our guide for the visit, assemble us beside the old farm house and began a very informative talk about the Weston family and the production of cider on the site.

The farmhouse was built in 1611 and since 1880 cider has been produced on the site, the old press is still positioned near the house. Westons cider now produces 40 million litres of cider a year and exports to 40 countries worldwide with up to 25 varieties. Not only do they produce cider but there is a farm with prize organic Hereford cattle and sheep which are fed the mash from the apples.

Around ¼ of the apples are grown on site with the remainder coming from local farms within a 50 mile radius of Much Marcle. Every year around 35,000 tons are required which come from 350 growers. The cider is sold around 1 to 1 ½ years after it is pressed. They do produce a small amount of Perry cider.

We were shown the various stages of production, from the gravity fed washing system (most of the water used is from their own source and is recycled), the 40 oak vats, where the cider is stored, for between 3 and 18 months and later the outside storage tanks. The names of the oak vats and the storage tanks have such names, reindeer, football teams to ladies names, ‘Bubble’ & ‘Squeak’, two large storage tanks hold 42, 000 litres each.

Although most of the cider leaves in kegs, between 2,000 to 3,000 leave each Wednesday or Thursday, there is also a large bottling plant which we were able to view from windows high above.

Following the tour a short tasting session took place, one of the favourites was cider and rhubarb, a new variety, before having a very pleasant lunch in the restaurant…. . of course cider was used in all the main dishes!

What impressed many of the group was that not only is this a large family run organisation, employing up to 250 people, situated in a very rural and picturesque location but the family also have a keen interest in the heritage of cider making and the environment.

Many thanks must go to Sally Whittal for organising such an interesting visit on such a beautiful day.

Peter Watson

Days for Girls – Rosanne Cole

The following is a letter of thank you from Sue Goff, Chair of North Herts Team UK (Days for Girls):

The North Herts Team has asked me to thank the Rotarians of Cheltenham for their really generous donation of £500. I have waited a little to write this letter so that I could let you have some idea of how it is used.

We are a group of about 15, who have been making Days for Girls kits for a few years as part of the West London Team. About a year ago we progressed to being a separate team. We sought and obtained recognition from HMRC as a Small Charity. We link with Luton Six Form College, who are involved with a project in Blantyre, Malawi. In 2017 and 2018, Lorna and Kayla from our team went out with the students and staff from the College. They provide health education and distributed the kits. This year it was 315 kits and 65 smaller pods.

Our team made the pods and 65 of the kits, and teams from around the UK contributed others. I enclose a photo of one of the classes with the kits.

Lorna reports that these girls have so very little, and of how important it is for them to be able to go to school. When she left one school, she said to the head teacher ‘I hope we’ve made a difference’. ‘Look at me’, she replied, meaning it, ‘You have made a difference’. It was a very moving moment for Lorna and our team.

The parents of the Luton students are also very generous and amongst other things, the college was able to support a group of women in purchasing two reconditioned treadle sewing machines from South Africa. The group is setting up an enterprise to make and sell kits in Malawi. The leader is an experienced tailor and Lorna showed her how to make these kits and provided the women with start up sewing kits.

We have recently learned that Lorna and Kayla will have the opportunity to go out again in Summer 2019. We will be making more kits for the trip!

Over the course of the year we have made contributions to other projects as well.

So we have sent 20 kits to Kenya, 34 kits to Ethiopia, 20 kits to Liberia, 28 kits to Nepal and 25 kits to The Gambia.

Each kit consists of one dignity drawstring bag in pretty cottons for the girl to take to school, two moisture proof shields and 8 brushed cotton liners. Also a flannel, a small bar of soap and two strong ziplock bags to use to wash items in, and to hold soiled ones. Also an instruction card. I think each kit costs about £8

to make, but it varies a little depending on whether fabric is donated, sale prices and so on.

Your £500 donation has enable us to start to make progress in growing as a team. In particular we have bought:

1. Another overlocker/serger sewing machine on offer at Lidl at £129.

2. Some orange fabric to make 6 aprons with logos, to use at stalls for

raising awareness and fundraising £40.

3. Leaflets are designed and we are to spend £50 on this.

4. I’m going to the wholesaler in a couple of weeks to buy 80 metres of

cotton flannel, as we have now funds to get a lot, so saving on postage (£52). The expected cost is £268. One metre makes roughly 20 liners,

so enough for 200 kits

The total for that is £487

Or you may like to think that you have funded 64 kits and helped all of those

individual girls for a period of 2 to 4 years, and freed us up to spend our funds on the development items.

None of our costs go to administration costs, volunteers’ transport costs, or sending the kits overseas (they travel in the hold as passenger’s luggage) and donations are used to provide directly to the girls.

Please do accept our sincere thanks for your donation, it was so unexpected and so uplifting to the team to have your support.

Many thanks once again,

Sue Goff


North Herts Team UK (Days for Girls)

Dates for your Diary

3 November – Cheltenham Round Table Fireworks

12 November – 10 Pin Bowling Charity Event at the Brewery Centre 6.30 – 9pm

£15 per head. Please contact Richard Purdon if you would like to play

15 November – Club Meeting. Guest Speaker DG Joan Goldsmith. Host: Richard Purdon

27 November – District Executive Meeting at Gables, Falfield 6.30 – 9pm

29 November – Club meeting with Partners at the New Club.

Guest Speaker David Siddons – The U3A in Cheltenham. Host Steve Wood

6 December – Club Christmas Meal at The Lilleybrook Golf Club. Black Tie.

18 December – Rotary Carol Concert – at Cheltenham Ladies College 7.30pm.

Tickets now available from Gill Rouse £12 each (under 16s £8)

(ALL fields required)