Father Christmas and his sleigh

Every year, Father Christmas and the elves of TUT Rotary tour the streets of Whitton, Twickenham, St Margaret's and Strawberry Hill with the sleigh

Every year, most evenings in December you will find us touring some of the roads of Twickenham, Whitton, St Margaret's and Strawberry Hill.  With music playing in the sleigh, we ring your bells and knock on your doors to let you know that Father Christmas is walking along with some of his faithful elves. If your children haven't yet gone to bed, do bring them to meet him and receive a sweetie treat. It's a lovely tradition that many people in the local area love and even treasure from their own youth. We collect funds which we use to support local charities and projects through the year. You can find out about which projects and charities we support through this website or by contacting us - just click on Contact Us.

To find out which streets we are visiting and when, please have a look at the date squares at the bottom of the Home Page.