Shoeboxes generously filled


Filling the Rotary Shoeboxes is an annual passion and a task that can be fun, as demonstrated when the members got together and in a flurry of activity filled some 70 Shoebox parcels ready to be sent to the Refugee Camps in the Ukraine.  The boxes were filled in a number of categories to cater for Babies, Young Children, Teenage young adults and parents and marked to ensure that the presents go to the appropriate people.  As an additional touch most parcels also had a Christmas card included.  The Rotary club of East Sutherland hopes to fill over 200 Shoeboxes with the help of all the Interact and Rotakids clubs in East Sutherland.

The little village of Rogart houses a tiny traditional village school with only a few pupils but they and their families have an immensely generous heart.  This has been demonstrated by their Rotakids club under president Roxy as they have packed a pile of Shoeboxes to be sent to the Ukraine as Christmas presents to the poor children who live in the Refugee Camps and who have nothing.

Not to be outdone the Rotakids at Dornoch Primary School under teacher Alison Allan succeeded in filling around 35 Rotary Shoeboxes which will go as part of the 200 that the Rotary Club of East Sutherland are sending to the Ukraine to refugees who live in dreadful conditions and have simply nothing to give them cheer at Christmas.   The Dornoch Academy Interact Club also filled a large number of boxes.

Helmsdale Primary RotaKids Club though small in number also packed dozens of Shoeboxes for the Rotary scheme which this year will see 200  +boxes from local schools and the East Sutherland club added to some 15 to 20 thousand from Rotary across Scotland then delivered to the Ukraine and Moldova in time for Christmas where they will provide a little cheer for the children of the refugees in the camps and living rough in awful conditions.

A great community effort which will provide help to those in need in communities far from us.  Particular thanks go to the members of all Rotakids Clubs who really embraced the project.