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Tue 27th November 2018 - Tue 1st January 2019

Refurbish orphanages for 240 children in Uganda

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We aim to extend and refurbish 7 houses in a children's village, each of which are home for up to 35 orphaned children. This totals around 240 children all of whom desparately need extra sleeping space, bunk beds, bedding and mosquito nets plus room to eat, play and study.


At present children live in a small 2 or 3 roomed house in cramped conditions, often sleeping 2 to a bunk, usually an older child with a younger child. The bunks rarely have space between them and do not have mosquito nets. The Mama of the house has no privacy as they sleep with the youngest children. Communal living space is very limited so children have to live outside all seasons. They have nowhere to eat or study inside. 1 or 2 seats means the children sit on the floor or their bunk beds.


By exending and refurbishing the homes, the children will have their own bed to sleep in, personal space, protection from the risk of malaria and room to move around, sit, eat, study and play, which is much needed in the wet seasons. The Mamas will also have their own space and privacy. Extra room also offers potential for running water to brought in too the homes in the future.

Long-Term Impact

The improved living accommodation will enable these orphans to enjoy better health and quality of sleep, which in turn will lead to better performance at school and more positive mental health. The bigger living space will also allow older teenagers, and the Mama who cares for the children, some privacy. The overall sense of improved wellbeing will encourage and boost the children in the daily struggles to cope in their challenging environment.

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