Scatter to Leipzig, February 2007

A scatter is usually to a nearby club – maybe the next town. But Leipzig??? Surely not. Whose idea was that?

But was it such a crazy idea? Far from it. With RyanAir tickets costing 0.79p outward and 0.01p return (plus a few taxes) the cost was never an issue. And the timing, too, couldn’t have been more efficient. President Robert Norman, Vice President Nick Corke, and sundry other renegades, left Stansted at 10:00am, arrived in time for a welcome bratwurst, then visited the famous Gewandhaus concert hall, Mendelssohn’s elegant house and Museum and the St Thomas’s Church where JS Bach worked, performed and is buried.

In the evening we joined Leipzig Rotary’s meeting in the Furstentum Hotel where our member John Pulham entertained their club with a couple of jokes. As usual, a few problems with translation may have provided more entertainment than the jokes themselves. But this was different. John tried to tell his jokes in German, whilst their President Gerd Schmidt courageously translated them into English, to the amusement of everyone. Of course, a few beers were shared afterwards as we all put the world to rights until the early hours, VP Nick in particular was seen to be promoting international friendship in the bar.

The hospitality of local Rotarians was immense, and included having us stay in their own homes, making the trip all the more pleasurable by being able to see some of the daily life of Leipzig.

Next morning, after breakfast we were back on the ‘plane, and those that needed to were back at work by the end of the afternoon.

Leipzig is a fine city, with some striking architecture, even from the soviet-occupied era. Well worth a visit, especially with Meissen, Colditz and Dresden just down the road. We’re certainly going back!!