Youth Speaks

Thu 25th April 2019 at 10.00 - 12.00

Competition between schools



After an 8 year gap Danetre Daventry Rotary Club are delighted to have resumed this competition. This time the competition was run at the:

The competition was run between Daventry Hill School and Isebrook School Kettering.

Youth Speaks provides an oportunity for teams of 3 to perform a pitch on any subject of their choosing. The teams this year talked about the perils of Junk Food, Plastic, Banning Mobile Phones in Schools with the 4th team Promoting Mobile Phones in Schools.

Danetre Rotary would like to say a big thank you to Stacey Drake who facilitated the competition of behalf of Daventry Hill School

The competition is judged by the sponsoring Rotary Club in this case it was Danetre Daventry. From the right President Paul Blackwell made sure of fair play, Trevelyan Hopkins was Timekeeper, Ian Robinson scored the Chairman, Bob Snedker the Proposer with Nick Blunt scoring the Vote of Thanks. Steve Hupfield collated the scores.

 Davetry Hill School suggesting Mobile Phones in schools should be banned. Left to right in the picture Enya, Connor and Dylan.

Plastic and it's effects on the Environment was the subject from this team Abi, William and Max

Joint Winners against Mobile Phones in school

And the anti Plastic team.

Relax the Competition is over

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