The Gourmet Geezers of Haslemere

Thu 30th May 2019 at 19.00 - 22.00


Gourmet Geezer of Haslemere

Host - John Robini

Fellowship - Kerstin Ochel/Tim Shepherd

A talk led by John Peterson supprted by the remainder of the Gourmet Geezer Rotarians.

The light hearted session will tell all about the Geezers, their cooking, and the cook book they have just had published.

To add entertainment the talk will include, not only the successes of the group, but also the funny things that have happened/gone wrong.

EG, the famous Apple Crumble, the exploding Souffles, and the rock solid chocolate Brownies.

5 of our members form part of the Gourmet Geezers 16 strong team.

All monies raised by the book sale will go to the Hunter Centre.