Weekly meeting, Wednesday 12th June 2019

Wed 12th June 2019 at 19.00 - 21.00

This evenings speaker's will be Neil Corrigan along with the WHA Glic Team

This evenings speaker's are going to be Neil Corrigan Principal Teacher of Design & Technology, Wallace Hall Academy and the WHA Glic team.

Not only did the team win 3rd place for best robot Neil won a coach award, see below text from their FaceBook page:

"What a special award. Neil Corrigan, the coach for @TeamGLIC has won a Coach Award - for his tireless efforts and incredible impact he has had on his school and team. CONGRATULATIONS NEIL!!! @DTWHA"

"Finally getting round to announcing... @TeamGLIC getting their trophy! 3rd best robot from 72,000 in the world for Mechanical Design! IN THE WORLD!!!!! ON THE PLANET!!!"

Tonight they are giving us a talk about their recent trip and their experience in this mega competition.