And the Winners were.....

Wigan Rotary's Dragon's Den open for the seventh year

The Dragons with some of the winners

Dragons Den 2019


The Winners in the Den


1   Standish Lipreading

2   Shevington in Bloom

3   Bispham Church

4   Young Persons Centre

5   Friends of Greenslate Water Meadow

6   The WILFS (Girls and Lads Brigade) 

7   Hawkley Hall Residents

8   St Joseph’s Toddler Group and Nursery


‘The Dragons’ considered 17 applications and the successful ones were invited to make a presentation

‘The Dragons’ were Mervyn Reeves, President John Wright, Aukje Clegg from Wigan Rotary Club, Jane Dennis from Fairhurst Accountants and Chris Pearce from Local Life

The Dragons donated  £5739 in total with groups being presented with cheques for between £300 to £1000