Rotary Clubs worldwide are spear-heading the drive to eliminate Polio

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Polio Endgame

The world is getting so close to eradicating Polio - the "Endgame "was launched in April 2019.

In 1985 there were 350,000 cases of Polio in 125 countries.

In 2018 there were 33 cases in 2 countries.

It has cost $30bn so far – and another $3bn is needed to complete the task. Polio can only be transmitted between humans, so once the last case has happened, it can never come back.

Rotary started the campaign in 1984 – and showed that mass vaccination could be effective.   

Since then hundreds of thousands of Rotarians have helped in the mass vaccination programmes and in devising ways of getting vaccine to remote places. Rotary can be justly proud of its contribution – the UN Secretary General said that when it is finally done "Rotary will have achieved the Greatest Humanitarian Act in the history of the World by a Non-Government Organisation"

Rotary persuaded Bill Gates (through his and Melinda’s Foundation) to back it with the astonishing results so far.

Rotarian Graeme  Minto 

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