District Governor

Lindsay Craig PHF

District Treasurer

Narek Bido

District Secretary

Thom Riddell MPHF

Assistant Governor

Kenneth Robertson

Assistant Governor

Calum Thomson MPHF

Assistant Governor

Keith Bruce MPHF

Assistant Governor

Ken MacKenzie MPHF

Assistant Governor

Brenda Waugh

Assistant Governor

Ian McLean

Public Image Team Leader

Peter Croan PHF

Rotary Foundation Team Leader

Kate Keter MPHF

Membership Team Leader

Duncan Collinson

International Service Team Leader

Aileen Lothian

Youth Service Team Leader

Margaret Marquis

Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG)

Olive Geddes MPHF

District Governor Elect (DGE)

Agnes Ritchie PHF

District Governor Nominee (DGN)

Johanna Pawley

Assistant District Secretary

Phill Ratcliffe PHF

Environment Officer

John Wilson PHF



Leadership Development & Training

Theresa Douglas


James Gibbons

Sports Officer

Ian Jess PHF

Community Team Leader

Janice Henderson

Vocational Team Leader

Janice Henderson

Primary Webmaster

Callan Dick PHF

Membership Database Officer

Gavin Douglas

Health & Safety

Phill Ratcliffe PHF

Archivist and Flag Custodian

Mike Coveney


Ewart Shields PHF

District Quiz

Gordon Paterson


Jean Best PHF

Challenge Enterprise

James Bruce MPHF

Georgia Scholarships

Alistair Marquis MPHF

Primary Schools Quiz

Jim McPherson

Young Chef

Margaret Marquis

Young Golfer

Ian Jess PHF

Young Musician

Ian Campbell

Young Technologist

Bill Munro


Nancy Rule

Young Citizen

Jonathan Moore PHF

Drugs Awareness

Alex Justice

Conference Advisor

Jonathan Moore PHF

Polio Officer

Kenneth Logan

Community Emergency Support & Resilience

John Barbour PHF

New Club Formation Coordinator

Andrew Ireland MPHF

Membership Coordinator

James Cairns

Membership Coordinator

Helen Syme

Young Photographer

Andrew Pearson

Assistant District Treasurer

Roy Redwood MPHF

Alumni Officer

Calum Thomson MPHF

Rotaract Officer

Doreen Allerton

Interact Officer

Graham Leith PHF

Youth Exchange Officer

Alistair Mackintosh

Equality & Diversity

Kenneth Robertson

Protection Officer

Jim Tait MPHF

Global Grants Officer

Calum Thomson MPHF

District Grants Officer

Allan Ross

Foundation Stewardship

Steven Henderson PHF

Foundation Stewardship

Allan Maclaughlan MPHF

Foundation Treasurer

Peter Croan PHF

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Information on youth programmes and competitions


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Community and Vocational Service




Rotary Friendship Exchange oppportunities


Sports & Competitions