RIBI President David Fowler plants trees in District 1090

President David spent a frenetic 3 days visiting Clubs, attending functions and planting trees during his visit to District 1090 12th-14th October.

On his agenda he managed to:-
    • visit the Rotary Club of Wallingford,
    • plant a tree in the historic area at Kines Croft, Wallingford,
    • address the Rotary Club of Easthampstead,
    • attend a District Executive breakfast,
    • plant a tree with the Rotary Club of Loddon Vale,
    • visit High Wycombe Rotary Club and the Rotary Avenue of Limes at Hughendon Manor,
    • attend the GSE Team Farewell rally,
    • visit the Rotary Club of Reading Matins
    • visit the Porch Steppin' Stone allotment project with the Rotary Club of Oxford Isis
    • attend the Rotary Club of Oxford North

The pictures which follow, supplied by Gregg Wilkinson, capture the highlights of his visit.