International projects

Details of the various schemes available for Clubs to support are shown on the International pages.  These schemes are in addition to the many overseas projects undertaken by Clubs through their own known channels.

Projects tend to fall into four main categories:- 

  • District Supported Projects
  •           Box Schemes
  •           Collectables
  •           Donations of time and/or money

District Supported Projects

Separate pages showing more details of the Ukraine Convoy, the Mwanza project, Micro Loans and Sand Dams can be accessed from the menu.

Box Schemes

Boxes include Aquabox, Lifebox/Disaster Aid, Shoeboxes, Trade Aid boxes and Shelterbox.  Further information on all these very worthwhile box schemes is available here.

7/10/15 Click on Shelter kits to learn about the latest fully adaptable response by Shelterbox


Public support for various projects can be obtained by collecting for Sightsavers, Aquabox filling and Shoebox filling.

Donations of time and/or money

Many Rotary supported charities can be assisted by this method.  The list is considerable but here are just a few Hope & Homes, Jubilee Sailing Trust, Rotary Doctor Bank, Mercy Ships, The Nepal Trust, REMIT, Jaipur Limb Project, Send a Cow and the Wheelchair Foundation.

All the schemes mentioned above would welcome your help however large or small. Please don't forget to ask about the possibility of TRF funding which can make a considerable difference to all your hard work and fund raising.  Remember we are ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.

Stephen Ellis

Chairman 2015-16


For more detail on the various International activities, click on the relevant section.

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