Community & Vocational Service

Welcome to the Community & Vocational Service Committee web pages.

The purpose of this committee is to:-

  • Encourage the development of appropriate community and vocational programmes within the Clubs of the District;
  • Promote and encourage Club participation in major events organized by Clubs in the district, and the District Disabled Games in particular;
  • Promote and encourage Club participation in Re-action and co-ordinate the meetings and activities of Re-action;
  • Promote and encourage Club participation in environmental schemes.
  • Review annual awards, to encourage nominations and to offer support where appropriate.  

All community and vocational service is an opportunity to raise awareness of Rotary Clubs and the wider work of Rotary.
Our objective is to give help and guidance to enable all Rotarians to identify and address the needs of their local community using their personal vocational skills and abilities.
Our aims are to inform, encourage, motivate, stimulate and create awareness and to promote the use of the available resources, particularly the RIBI "Opportunities to Serve".


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