Young Rotary

 offers the chance for young people to develop personal skills and a better awareness of problems that face the world today. This is an opportunity to meet, work and have a great time with like-minded young people, guided and supported by Rotarians.Interact - Youth clubs for young people aged 12 to 18 who work together to help others in the community and across the world, whilst having fun and excitement at the same time.RotaKids - This is a bundle of fun for 7 to 12 years olds with energy, enthusiasm and great ideas for making a difference. RotaKids are based in primary and junior schools and work with local Rotary clubs to come up with projects which could be anything from fundraisers to sponsored events, all you need is some imagination. - See more at:

A lot of Rotary Clubs work alongside teachers in schools taking the lead with environmental projects, mentoring and providing valuable equipment such as books, PE equipment, computers etc.

D1270 encourages schools and young people to take part in District competitions, from which the winners take part in the regional competition to find those who will go on to the national competition