Membership Development & Retention

The Membership Service Committee


Every Rotary club needs a well-crafted membership development action plan to stay dynamic and effective. The Membership Services Committee provides guidance and support to clubs covering such aspects of club operation as Membership Development.

Click the flowchart link Electing a Rotarian procedure in pdf format. 

Use the recommended Membership Proposal Form and the suggested  New Member 7-day letter.

Here is a link to the Membership page on the RIBI website where you will find information and links to more ideas. You will need to login to the RIBI members section to access this page. Click here for the link.


    Membership Message from 2017-18 Rotary President

      Top 5 Rotary Membership Myths Exposed

      Membership Development & Retention pages:

      Attracting Young Professionals

      Read about the values that are important to younger people and how you could make your Club attractive to them


      Rotary Alumni

      Development of a structure for Alumni


      Start a Rotary Club

      When you charter a new club, you increase our ability to improve lives in communities around the world.


      Membership Development & Retention Paper

      A resource paper for the use of all clubs regarding membership development and retention


      Membership Workshop Seminars

      District 1010"™s Membership Team invited Rotarians to come along to learn, share and be creative in its Autumn Membership Workshop Seminars


      Club Visioning Workshops

      District 1010 has an active programme of Club Visioning Workshops


      Using ROTARYfirst for membership

      How to use the district magazine for potential members


      Why Join Rotary

      Information about how to join Rotary for members of the public and friends of Rotarians


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