Using The New District 1100 Website

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The start of the new Rotary year on 1st July 2011 brought a new website for all Rotarians in District 1100. For many, the new site doesn't look new at all since it is based on the RIBI Standard Template (RIBI-T for short), now in use by the majority of D1100's Clubs. The site is intended for Rotarians in D1100 rather than the general public.  However, any more sensitive information will be "hidden" behind a logon wall in case non-Rotarians access the site.

This introduction gives some details of what it contains and what it will contain in the future.  For details of the other RIBI Districts that have decided to standardise on the RIBI-T format have a look at what other Districts are doing.  We ain't the only District making this switch!   See:

20 out of the 29 Districts in RIBI are using this standardised approach.

This overview is split-up so as to make it more relevant for Members of Clubs which have different types of website:

All Rotarians (and any member of the public looking at this site) will be able to see links on the Home page which give details of all the clubs in D1100 via the "Club List" button.  In the list of Clubs, links to their own sites are shown in blue. These links have been set up to reach RIBI-T sites and home-grown ones.  A more detailed list can be obtained by clicking on "Areas in this District".  Here the meeting times are shown with a further link to Microsoft