Gavel Competition

Rotary is also about having fun

Rotary is also about having fun

The Gavel 2018-2019: please respond to Bill Wood. 

it's time again to set up for another Gavel Challenge year!!!

I am contacting you today to ask you if you would please let me know, before 10th August please! whether or not your club will be taking part in the Gavel Challenge this Rotary year.

I realise this is a busy time for you but, as 74 clubs took part last year, it does take some work to make up groups promptly therefore a prompt reply would be MOST appreciated.

I will of course need your Gavel Challenge co-ordinator's contact details.

The Gavel Challenge is an inter-club fun and fellowship simple games evening and is always enjoyed by all who take part.

It is also a good opportunity for newer members to meet new friends.

Wishing you all the best for your Rotary year.

PDG Bill Wood, 

The Rotary Club of Aberdeen St Machar,

Rotary District 1010 Gavel Challenge Co-ordinator,


Most people know about Rotary's charitable fundraising for projects at home and abroad, and of course that's a big part of what we're about.However, Rotary is also about having fun. The Gavel is a hotly contested but friendly intra-mural series of traditional pub games, played between participating Clubs in our Rotary district - an area which covers every part of Scotland north of a line from the River Forth to the Isle of Skye. The Gavel contest gives an opportunity for Rotarians to meet together socially, while enjoying some friendly inter-club competition.

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