District and Club Projects (International)

Read the Blog of the current trip to Nepal by Preston and Preston Guild Rotarians to support the work of Deafway.

District and Club Projects 


Each year there are a variety of projects that this District is involved in around the world.  In addition, clubs have their own individual projects as well.  Click on the links to the right for information.

Trip to Nepal May 2014

May 2014 Trip to Nepal by members of Preston and Preston Guild Rotary supporting the work of Deafway.  

Deafway quote "We discovered that thousands of D/deaf children and adults across Nepal are growing up unable to communicate beyond the most basic gestures. Born into hearing families, in poor and rural areas, they are never given the opportunity to learn a language or attend a school. It is language that defines us as being human; it is the most basic human right. Vital concepts such as numbers, time and choice are completely unnecessarily beyond their grasp."

Read the Rotary Blog of the current visit. http://www.deafway.org.uk/blog/




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Duncan at the RI Institute with RI President Ravi. At the stand for the programme providing 15 Under 6 Child Development Centres in South Malawi


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